COVID-19 Update

9/25 Update

Obviously we were still unable to have our wedding on July 4th. All festivities have been moved to April 10, 2021. New invitations will be sent out sometime in late winter.

Thank you again for all being flexible with us and we can't wait to finally celebrate!

4/4 Update

The full ceremony and reception have been officially moved to July 4th, 2020. Look for a change of date card in the mail that will ask for guests to RSVP for that new date. If you already RSVP'd for the April 25th date, your response will be removed and you will be asked to RSVP again.

Please note that we are still working to confirm the ceremony location. The church has a policy of not holding events on holidays. If they will not allow an exception, we will have to find an alternate location.

Again, thank you for your understanding in this difficult time. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We love every one of you, and we can't wait to celebrate!

3/18 Update

As of now, we are proceeding as if the wedding is still on April 25th. Please keep this date on your calendar and RSVP as usual. That being said, we are aware this date likely will not happen amidst the the Coronavirus outbreak.

The backup date is July 4th, 2020. Please also mark this date on your calendars. We will likely make the official final call 14 days prior to April 25th. At that point, if the April 25th date is canceled, new invitations will go out with the updated date, and you will be asked to RSVP again for July 4th.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we navigate through this difficult time. We love you all and want to celebrate with you when it is safe for everyone to do so.
Sarah Curry